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Emily McCarthy Bellamy Duster - Heron

Emily McCarthy Bellamy Duster - Heron

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Drape yourself in effortless coastal style with our Bellamy Duster. With breathable linen fabric, this piece is the perfect summer layer to add a touch of elegance to any outfit.

From canvas to clothing, Emily has collaborated with a local Savannah artist, Bellamy, and brought her hand-painted Heron to life on the Bellamy Duster. This piece is the embodiment of coastal elegance with it's loose fit and drapy linen fabric. For a chic, monochromatic look, this duster looks amazing over an all white set. 

A beautiful collarboration between Emily McCarthy + Lowcountry artist Bellamy Murphy has come to life. Channeling inspiration from Bellamy’s beautiful artwork, a unique linen blend fabric was used that captured the artist’s brush technique and vivid details.

“I've always been inspired by Bellamy’s work with her use of color and signature style,” says Founder and Owner Emily McCarthy. “The styles we focused on are easy, breezy, and transitional, just like Bellamy’s style. We were so humbled to work with such a talented artist and beacon in the creative community.” 
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